We have over 10 years experience in developing vast arrays of innovative information technology solutions that offer measurable results and accountable return on your IT investment.
Our proven methods of needs analysis, solutions concepts, training, support and maintenance have made us the single source of technology solutions that our loyal clientele have come to expect from us.

Simply put, we help your business maximize productivity, efficiency and growth by providing effective information technology consulting that offer innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed your business needs.
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Network Infrastructure
We understand that today’s corporate network infrastructures are mission-critical business assets. This is why we adhere to the strictest standards when designing and implementing your network infrastructures.
The primary objective of our network infrastructure solution is to ensure maximum security, reliability and scalability providing your company with data confidentiality and maximum return on infrastructure investment.
Managed Technology Solution (MTS)
MTS is our proprietary innovative solution in supporting and managing IT assets for small to medium sized businesses.
MTS supports the productivity, efficiency and growth of your business by ensuring all your IT assets are running with maximum reliability far exceeding 99.9% up time and ensuring your valuable data have maximum security, integrity and reliability.
MTS differentiates us from our competition by providing a cost effective and comprehensive system of 8 initiatives designed to leverage information technology to maximize productivity, efficiency and growth of your business.
Server Solutions
Servers are fast becoming a common appliance in small to medium sized businesses. It offer centralized data storage, integrated data sharing, collaborative application system and centralized backup storage.
At TLC Tech we have vast experience in successfully deploying, implementing and maintaining various server platforms including, Linux, MS Windows Server, MS SQL server, MS Exchange server, Ip Switch Imail, My SQL server, Bulletproof FTP Server, MS Terminal server, Apache web server, and MS Windows Media server.
Having this vast knowledge base, experience and expertise allows us to serve you better by matching your business needs with the most effective and best fit server solution available for your specific requirements.
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Security Solutions
Technology security has always been the top priority of our clientele; as such we devote much of our research and development efforts in keeping up with the latest security measures and the most up to date protection systems and methodologies available.
At TLC Tech you can be confident that your technology infrastructure always have the latest most advance security protection and intrusion prevention measures in place to ensure your valuable data and intellectual property remain confidential and uncompromised.
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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution
Backup and disaster recovery is a critical part of every comprehensive technology infrastructure. It is an often overlooked initiative, until a critical failure occurs and the need for disaster recovery solution is finally realized.
At TLC Tech, we ensure your technology infrastructure has a reliable and readily recoverable backup and disaster recovery initiative in place. This means that in the remote event of a major office disaster such as theft, fire or flood or a catastrophic hardware failure or accidental deletion, that your corporate data and intellectual property are readily recoverable with minimal or no data loss so that your business can resume immediately with minimal down time.
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MTS Mission
MTS’ mission is to support businesses maximize productivity, efficiency and growth by supporting and managing their IT assets to ensure they are fully secured and completely optimized to serve their business needs effectively.
See how MTS can maximize productivity, efficiency and growth in your company.